Friday, March 18, 2011

Sorting Food Groups

Today, I tried to explain to E that there are different food groups.  I used terms like different food families and he seemed to catch on somewhat.  That's what I thought until he later told his father that pie was a food group.

Nonetheless, we are continuing with the idea even if I simply succeed in making him aware that there are different groups of food and we need a bit of each in our meals everyday. 

I found a food group game (go figure) at a consignment sale a while back and decided to use the game pieces to make this tray.  We used my veggie platter to sort the pieces into different groups.  It helped that the pictures in each group had matching background colors.

We sorted them together and talked about the names of the groups as well as the foods within them.  We put the junk food in the middle and talked about how we should only have a little of these things and how they should be eaten after we have eaten from the other groups first or on special occasions.


  1. Great idea! We're doing a Healthy Bodies unit this week, so I'm going to use this when we are talking about healthy foods for our bodies. :)